Friday, November 22, 2019

What people say about us...

"Being a dancer I have been surrounded by fitness most of my life so I thought I was perfectly capable of doing my programmes myself…. Then Michael took me on! Michael is a fantastic trainer,like no other. He doesn't look for what type of training suits him but what type of training suits you. He has a fantastic way of getting the most out of you while not pushing too hard. He is consistently reassessing my programmes to make me look how I want to look and always switching things up so I don't loose interest or focus.

I think of Michael as a life coach as well as a trainer, I learn so much from him. I am more confident in myself, I get a lot more work from being in great shape and I also know what foods to eat to keep it that way. What you learn when he takes you on will be for life not just the few hours you spend with him." Naomi Lynch, UK


"I have participated in competitive sports all my life and generally been very active but working with Mick has helped me gain strength and a level of fitness I never thought possible. I started working with him after my second child was born and the results I have achieved are largely due to Mick's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.

His  extensive knowledge in terms of movement, exercise, physiology and nutrition are second-to-none. His professionalism, enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!" Allison Finlay, USA


"I have been boxing since I was young I had a place on the Irish amateur junior squad and revived a bronze medial in the junior world championships. I have worked with some of the best trainers and had become a coach myself but it wasn't until I started working with Michael that I realised how much I didn't know.

Michael is training me for a senior event and in all my years of training I have never found it so easy to lose the weight and gain my fitness level at 33 I feel the fittest than I have for years and it's all down to Michael's excellent knowledge of fitness and nutrition that I have went from 66kg - 55kg in 3.5 months. With just over 6 weeks left to get to my target of 52kg it's looking easily achievable thanks to Michael's positive training and advice" Darren Campbell, Ireland


"I have started training Mixed Martial Arts over 3 years ago. I have participated in a few Brazilian Ju-Jitsu tournaments and had a few amateur MMA cage fights. I have started working with Mick just over 2 months before my last MMA fight in October as I needed to lose  9 kilos from 86kgs to 77kgs (Welterweight category). I found Mick an extremely professional personal trainer and an excellent nutritionist. Thanks to his diet plan, a nutritional advice and a strength and conditioning training plan I was easily able to make desired weight at the same time maintaining high levels of body strength and energy" Lukasz Makosz, Ireland


 "I've been racing motorbikes competitively since the age of fourteen with many championships to my credit and now compete at World level.  It's taken a lot to get here and it's thanks in no small part to the intense training and focus Michael has helped me achieve.  Most people don't think riding a motorbike requires a huge level of fitness but it's actually the opposite, it is physically and mentally demanding. You need agility, quick reflexes but also the endurance, core strength and stamina to be as good on your last lap as you were on the first.

With Michael's advice, training methods and dietary plans he has helped me gain that strength and focus needed to be competitive at this level. We do the hard work in the gym and the results show on the track" Jack Kennedy, Ireland


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